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Horton Hears a Who - A Feldman Family Review

While most of America is off celebrating Easter, we're doing what most Jewish families do on this special holiday - we hit the movies! Today we checked out Horton Hears a Who and while I initially thought it would be too young for my movie savvy kids, I have to say, it was a really good movie. I loved the fact that Steve Carrell and the hilarious Seth Rogan are in the film along with Jim Carey, Carol Burnett, Jonah Hill and Jesse McCartney. I also think that Dick Van Dyke was the narrator but the kids had to hit the bathroom at the end so I couldn't stick around to watch the end credits.
The animation studio that created Horton is Blue Sky Studios, a production company based in Westchester, NY - how cool is that and the same masterminds behind Ice Age - which means this movie is a total winner - from the colorful characters, incredible scenery and distinctive voices, we found ourselves laughing right along with our kids to the far fetched Dr. Seuss tale of an elephant who becomes convinced he's hearing voices from the mayor of a tiny city that's the size of a speck.
If you haven't gone to see Horton Hears a Who yet, trust us, this one's a must-see for the entire family. And, we also have some preview picks that we definitely plan to check out once they hit theaters. Top of the list includes: Ice Age 3, that new Kung Fu Panda movie starring Jack Black and Nim's World starring Abigal Breslin and Jodie Foster. We also saw a preview for Speed Racer - which I know my son is going to love and Wall E - which is from Dreamworks but to be perfectly honest, I have no desire to see a movie about a robot again. Let's just admit that Star Wars by far had the best robots - there's no reason to try to create a better robot movie because to be honest, it simply can't be done.
So that's it for the Feldman family movie review hour. Don't miss Horton and have a Happy Easter!

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Posted in: Blog on 03/23/2008


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