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Halloween House Hunt

Every year we attempt to go trick or treating on our street and the pickings are pretty slim. Most of the houses have their lights off which is a natural deterrent to not wanting to give kids candy, so this year, we decided to try a new plan of action. We left a load of candy in a cauldron on our front porch and headed off to a busier part of town where scores of trick or treaters were busy ringing doorbells and coming up with fistfuls of candy. Our kids were thrilled with this new Halloween destination and when we returned home, we found that no one...not one single kid had taken a piece of candy out of the cauldron. My daughter looked at the bagfuls of candy that were left over this year and came to one simple conclusion. "Maybe we should move," she said. I stared at her incredulously and said "No, we're not going to move just because no one trick or treats at our house." To which she responded, "But mommy, if we moved, then you wouldn't have to waste all that money on that candy since nobody takes it anyway."

Posted in: Blog, Kiddy Commentary on 11/03/2006


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