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Grandma Dora's Passover Recipes

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We're getting into the Passover spirit here at the Feldman household and while the Obama camp didn't even respond to our invitation (how rude), we're moving full steam ahead with some of my favorite recipes that my grandmothers taught my mom and now she's teaching me. So today, for the first time ever, I attempted Grandma Dora's fricasse and stuffed cabbage. My mom emailed the recipe from Boynton, and Rebecca and I gave it a whirl today and guess what??? It worked. If you're in the mood to give Grandma Dora's recipe a try, here it is...

Chicken Fricasse
6 cans of campbell's tomato soup
lemon juice
sugar or splenda
2lbs or less of ground beef or ground turkey
chicken wings 1pkg.
chicken gizzards 1 package
2 eggs
matzoh meal

In a large pot empty 2 cans of tomato soup :add only 0ne can of water .
Mix ground meet with salt, matzoh meal(not too much) ,eggs, ketchup- mix all ingredients and make meatballs - put a low flame under the tomato soup and slowly add the meatballs- then add another can of soup and add the wings - wash them and you do not have to season them- add a can of water and another can of soup and add the gizzards. Let cook for about ten minutes on a low flame. Now comes the fun part add two tablespoons of sugar and four tbspns of lemon juice.

Check taste every 15 minutes- at these intervals add sugar and lemon juice- this should cook for about an hour and a half on a low flame. You don't want to cook this on a high flame and you do not want to see a rolling boil- as the meatballs and the gizzards will stick to the pot and burn. If you want to make less just reduce the amount of soup you put in the mixture -but always start with 2 cans at the beginning.

Stuffed Cabbage
large or medium head of cabbage
ground beef or turkey
6 cans of tomato soup
matzoh meal
sugar or splenda
lemon juice

In a large pot put the head of cabbage in water and bring to a rolling boil. Let it boil for about 5 minutes- remove cabbage from the pot and rinse in a ciolander with cold water- now take a sharp knife and cut each leaf at the base of the cabbage - where the stem or part that would have been attached to the vine etc. Put the leaves on a paper towel - hopefully they are soft and pliable.

As cabbage is boiling prepare the meatball mixture-see above.

When the cabbage leaves are ready fill each one with the meat and wrap as tightly as you can -sometimes if the leaves do not seem to hold then keep together with a toothpick- but be sure to remove the toothpick when you serve it.

Again two cans of soup and one can of water and place the stuffed cabbage in the pot- put another can of soup in and put the next layer in. Continue in this manner and end with a can of soup - also do not add water to any cans of soup except the first one- reaon- the cabbage produces a great deal of moisture and the pot will overflow if you add too much water. THen to make the sweet and sour mix add sugar or splenda and lemon juice- . This will be done in about 11/2 to 2 hours. Every 15 or 20 minutes check and add sugar or lemon juice - you determine this if its too sweet add lemon juice if its too sour add sugar.

Though I'm not the best cook, my grandmas were, so in honor of them, I'm passing along these two wonderful dishes. As for my other Grandma Dora's secret ingredient for matzoh balls, it's simple - a capful of seltzer makes your balls nice and fluffy. My mom just made one of my all time favorites - noodle pudding - if you're lucky, I'll share that one with you too!

Have a recipe you'd like to send to Role Mommy? Then shoot us an email today and we'll send you a special gift!

Happy Passover!

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 04/19/2008


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