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Global Warming, Chiuauas and Sex Ed

images-1.jpegTonight while dining with our in-laws, my kids decided to have a serious conversation. While we were nibbling on Chinese noodles and slurping our egg drop soup, my daughter began to explain the concept of global warming to my son and pretty much scared the beejeezus out of him.

images-3.jpegI don't know exactly what she said, but all I know is that after we had finished our meal and cracked open our fortune cookies, my husband gave my son a penny and he looked extremely pensive as he dropped his coin into the wishing well as we left the restaurant. My daughter, on the other hand, was positively giddy as she dropped in her nickel and confided she wished for a chiuaua named Bobbie.

And what did my son wish for? Well, at first, he wasn't telling and as we drove home, I jokingly blurted out, I bet he wished for no global warming and he replied, "Mommy!!! Now my wish won't come true!"

I guess I'm quite the eco-killjoy. Thankfully, as we quelled his fears that the earth was not going to disintegrate in his lifetime, he decided to tackle another important topic: "Mommy, can you have a baby if you kiss?" Sheesh, global warming and sex education and he's only six.

Has your young child asked you a question you weren't prepared to answer? How did you handle it? Were you honest or did you tell a white lie and figure you'll tell the truth before they hit high school?

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions on 09/21/2008


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