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We're here to announce our winners in the potty training contest. The grand prize goes to Caryn Bailey at Rockin' Mama and are runners up are Liz for Princess Potty and Carrie for Pirate Potty. Thanks for entering and more great giveaways to come!

Since I'm always a sucker for anything having to do with helping parents get their kids potty trained, I am quite excited to offer a special giveaway to frazzled moms and dads everywhere!

Get ready for Pirate Potty and Princess Potty - two books that provide a helpful, step-by-step story that introduces girls & boys to the concept of toilet training. Pirate Potty is a pirate-themed, toilet-training book that is fit for the little swashbuckler in your life! Pirate Potty includes a pirate's hat and reward stickers and Princess Potty follows the same theme...a toilet-training book that is fit for the Royal Highness in your life! This book includes tiara and reward stickers!

So how do you qualify for this giveaway? Simple. Just comment on this post with your potty tip or disaster and the best piece of advice or confession wins. Here's what we've got to offer:

One (1) Grand Prize winner receives a Prize Pack including:
$30 Target Gift Card
Plus a copy of both books!

Two (2) First Prize winners receive:
Copy of both books!

The giveaway will run for two weeks starting today.  And if per chance you want to check out my personal tips on how to potty train your child, then visit Parentdish today for my lol advice.

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Posted in: Blog, Daily Shout Out, giveaway central on 01/29/2010


  • https://www.google.com/account

    I potty trained one of my boys basically outside because we don't have any neighbors and boys just like to pee outside. But the drawback to that is that for instance we are over at my moms house and my son is whipping it out in the front yard for all the neighborhood to see!

  • Rosanne

    Wait until all is calm, they show some interest and take a lot of time and give a lot of praise

  • Char

    I basically follow my kid's lead when it comes to this. I don't want to push. Of course that has led to lots of messes to clean up. I keep reminding myself that this won't last forever and that one day I'll miss this phase. One down and one to go!

  • We do elimination communication with our daughter and it's worked wonders for us! A lot of people are skeptical about this method, but when they see it for themselves, there is a better understanding of how it all works. Check out Diaper Free Baby by Christine Gross Loh.

  • I could so use this book. My daughter is almost 2 and has no interest in potty training. Currently she is afraid of the toilet! We bought her a little potty for Christmas, and after several weeks of coaxing, she finally sat on it a couple of times (full clothed). Now she is back to being afraid of it again.

    I don't want to push it, and I know I have time, but I am so AFRAID of potty training. The whole idea scares me. I am terrifed! I think I need to read the book to feel better :)


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