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Gezunga Cars

Ever since I became the proud owner of a zippy little black Jetta, I've noticed that I am surrounded. Surrounded by the biggest gezunga cars I've ever seen. Lining the parking lot in Scarsdale are cars that are the size of schooners - from Yukons, to Land Rovers to Lincoln Navigators, I feel like I'm in the land of car Lilliputia whenever I'm attempting to pull out of a space.
Now, as a former owner of a minivan - actually, I still own it, I just don't like to drive it around the neighborhood anymore, I can understand the need for a large vehicle if you have a lot of family members to tote around with you to their various activities. But on a late morning in my neighborhood, all I could see were skinny skinny women in tennis skirts hopping into their tremendous cars and attempting to play chicken with my Jetta so that they could back out first.
Honestly, do you really need a car that large to transport you, your grande cappucino and your treo? Besides, doesn't it cost like $150 to fill up on gas for an SUV, minivan or flat bed truck? Not that I'm an environmentalist or anything but even my little volkswagen cost me $44 bucks to fill up on gas so I could only imagine what the final gas tally on a Yukon would be.
Now I know, the bigger the car, the safer you maybe are - but wouldn't it be nice for all of us to go back to the good old days when small cars were the in thing? I have noticed a shift in the small car order but I still think the gezunga cars have us beat by a mile. So for all of you out there driving around in your minivan, SUV or some other monstrous vehicle, think about giving it up for a compact set of wheels. I did, and I've never been happier!

Posted in: Blog, Undercover Mom on 06/14/2007


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