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Find Out the Calories in Your Kids' Fast Food Meals with Calorie King

Now here's a website I could totally use when I'm just about to place my order at the McDonald's drive thru window. Before you order that chicken nugget happy meal, consider the calories. Of course, out of sight out of mind - if you don't know how many calories those nuggets have then it technically doesn't count. Well, think again. Now fast food chains such as McDonald?s, Wendy?s and Taco Bell can also be HEALTHY with CalorieKing?s new ? and FREE ? CalorieKing Mobile. A quick search on CalorieKing Mobile, http://mobile.calorieking.com/, displays over 50,000 meals, fast food and chain restaurants items, all from any Internet-enabled mobile phone or smartphone. Here is an example of two different meals your hungry kid or teen could order at Wendy?s: Meal 1 Roasted Turkey & Swiss Frescata sandwich ? 470 cal, 20 fat g. Baked Potato, Sour Cream & Chives ? 320 cal, 4 fat g. Medium Coca-Cola soft drink ? 213 cal, 0 fat g. Calories- 1,003 Fat- 24 grams Meal 2 5-piece Chicken Nuggets ? 230 cal, 15 fat g. Chili ? 220 cal, 6 fat g. Medium Minute Maid Lemonade soft drink ? 11 cal, 0 fat g. Calories- 461 Fat- 21 grams So visit Calorie King today before you order that quarter pounder with fries and a diet coke of course - that jolt of reality will probably have you changing your order to a salad with fat free Newman's dressing in no time flat.

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 10/24/2007


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