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Father's Day Gifts You Both Can Enjoy

If you're like me and you have yet to step foot into the mall to purchase a gift for your dad or spouse, well, have no fear - there's still time to impress the ones you love with the ultimate gifts. And here's my top picks for the gift that'll make him and you very happy!

amazon-kindle.jpg1. The Kindle - I can't say enough great things about my brand new toy. I take it with me everywhere I go. And my father in law has been asking about it every time I see him. If you don't own a Kindle and you're an avid reader, then you will absolutely love it- you can download your favorite books within seconds; read the New York Times cover to cover without having to fold it in a million directions; and even read a sample chapter of a book before you even place the order. Best of all - the prices are half off of what you'd pay for a hardcover book. And you're saving trees. At $259, The Kindle is a bit pricey but if you look at it as a gift that'll keep the entire family entertained, I say, bite the bullet and invest in the ultimate Father's Day gift.

couplesMassage.jpg2. Couples Massage - No need to invest in one of those hand massagers that you always see in the men's section of your local department store right around Father's Day. Instead, get a gift certificate to a Day Spa or hotel (Ritz Carlton is my fave) and place an order for a couple's massage. Really want to splurge - book a one night's stay at the hotel and get a sitter to watch your kids for the night!

cruise-ship-wine-tasting-classes-1.jpg3. Wine Tasting Course - My husband is a huge wine fan and when we first started dating, we actually enrolled in a wine course and he loved it. Find out if your local wine store offers tastings or classes and sign your hubby up! And you have to attend too of course since you're the designated driver!

bikelanewithmoss.jpg4. His and Her Bicycles - We're now in the market for two bikes ever since my hubby kept ours outside all winter and they're now officially full of rust. As a result, I plan to take my spouse to our local bike shop where we can try out a new set of wheels and then spend weekends exploring the bike trails of Westchester with our kids.

4398_MEDIUM.jpg5. Prepare His Favorite Meal - Okay - this is so beyond old fashioned but I have to say, every time I cook my husband a really good meal he is over the moon. Maybe it's because my flare for food is hit or miss at best. Either way, if I can figure out how to prepare 5 decent meals without burning them, that has got to be the ultimate father's day present.

Do you have any Father's Day gift ideas you'd like to share? We'd love to hear them!

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 06/16/2010


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