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Excess Baggage

​ Over the Memorial Day weekend when my husband and I attended a distant cousin's wedding, we were catching up on lost time with one of our relatives when she shared a piece of news that got me pretty perturbed...especially since we're headed into vacation season and contemplating where to travel this July with our kids.

Did you know that American Airlines is now going to start charging passengers $15 per checked bag that they bring to the airport?  As someone who has repeatedly been charged $25 for heavy baggage, this new rule is absolutely insane and unfair to over-packers like me.  Sure gas prices have skyrocketed and they had to figure out a way to get to our wallets again, but charge me more money when I get to the airport?  Why don't you just take my brand spankin' new Vera Bradley knapsack and be done with it?

That would mean that a family who has four suitcases to check in will now have to pay $60 extra to board the plane.  And for someone like me with heavy bags, that means I'll be forking over more than 100 bucks by the time we hand our boarding passes to the cheery grounds crew.  My mom told me that if we ship our stuff to our destination it actually might be cheaper.  I guess someone better alert UPS and Fed-ex that there's going to be a lot more business coming their way.

Do all these extra fees convince me to pack lighter?   Oh no, I'm a steamer trunk junky through and through. I will not let some airline dictate how much stuff I can bring on my trip.  If I want to pack my flat iron, 16 pairs of shoes, 48 summer dresses and 20 pairs of underwear, that is my right and no one should charge me extra for my indecisiveness.  Sure my vacations last about 5-7 days, but you never know if there will be a monsoon on the island and we'll be trapped there for weeks.

And so, to those geniuses at American Airlines who decided that adding a fee for my luggage was a bright idea, I have two words for you.  Jet Blue.

Posted in: Blog, Undercover Mom on 05/27/2008


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