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Over the last two weeks, my daughter has picked up a new word to add to her growing vocabulary. "Ewwwww!!!!" She used this wonderful phrase after commenting on the size of a friend's oversized belly when he decided to go shirtless while our families shared a vacation home together. Luckily for us, our good friend took it in stride. Unfortunately, the dreaded comment reared its ugly head once again today just as we were pulling up to her house in our minivan. With our windows wide open, our daughter gazed outside to see another shirtless neighbor busily clearing up debris left by the latest rain storm. At the top of her lungs she yelled "EWWWWW!!!!" Completely mortified, all we could do was look at our neighbor with his back hair standing on end, shrug our shoulders and wave. We then sent our daughter inside to write out 50 times that she'd never insult anyone again with the phrase "EWWWWW!!!!" Better yet, next time we should just remember to close the windows when we drive down our street.

Posted in: Blog, Kiddy Commentary on 09/04/2006


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