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Shedding LBS. With My Weight Loss Coach

q2X7LfsrLaPySr2iktVrGsoDRXHuhAHN.jpgSo it's Monday and that means only one thing - seriously buckling down and focusing in on shedding some serious poundage this week. I even tried out a new game on my Nintendo DS called My Weight Loss Coach. It's pretty fun to do - you select whether you're a girl or a guy, and they coach you through your day and even give you a pedometer to record the number of steps you've taken during their challenges. In fact, at one point, it told me to walk 500 steps and so I spent several minutes confusing my cat as I waltzed around our coffee table to reach my goal.

Of course, I haven't picked up the pedometer since Saturday but guess what? My kids did. My son and daughter were having a competition last night - who can walk the farthest? While my daughter clocked over 2000 steps, my son was determined and managed to log more than 3000 paces on the pedometer. If only I had my son's energy - between basketball, skateboarding and the pedometer, I'd be a fitness superstar by now, rather than a flabby blogger.

My burning question is, how many calories can you burn while typing? I think it's probably about 10 calories an hour - but at this rate, it's not going to cut it. So today, after I spend the morning at jury duty (I've been a juror for what seems like a lifetime), I am going to come home and do my Wii Fit or strap on my pedometer and start walking!

Now I know I haven't actually shared whether I've gained or lost weight yet, but I promise I will release my status by Friday on my Blog Talk Radio Show. In the meantime, I've got to bolt so that I don't get thrown in the slammer because I got caught up writing my latest weight loss essay and was late for jury service.

So my final thought for the day fellow losers - and I mean that in the kindest sense of the word - Nothing tastes as good as thin feels - that's a favorite quote I got from a Weight Watchers leader back in the eighties. Simmer on that one for a while before you put that piece of chocolate in your mouth (unless of course it's a Weight Watchers candy!)

Have a weight loss tip to share? Then what are you waiting for? Comment now!

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions, Role Mommy Recommends, The Girdle Chronicles on 01/05/2009


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