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Countdown to Sleepaway Camp

We piled into the car yesterday morning so that we could take my daughter for her new camper orientation at Camp Echo, located a mere 90 minutes from our home and sandwiched between Middletown and Monticello.

The moment we arrived, we were greeted by enthusiastic counselors who immediately whisked my daughter off for a day full of activities. Meanwhile, we spent the morning fighting off swarms of displaced gnats - it seemed the exterminator had paid a visit and now the gnats didn't have a home - so they decided to spend the day hovering in front of our faces. Everywhere I looked, I thought people were waving at me but all they were really doing was swatting at those pesky bugs.

Anyhoo - back to the camp. My daughter was treated to a perfect day filled with basketball, baseball, arts and crafts, music and lunch. My son meanwhile, joined us on a quest to find something fun to do while my daughter was getting acclimated. Unfortunately for him, the only thing we found were outlet stores and gift shops - pure paradise for me, but not so hot for a seven year old. But we did discover a village called Sugar Loaf where we bought him a leather bracelet at a store I'm convinced is a frequent haunt for bikers with tattoos. At another quaint shop, he set his sights on a wooden dinosaur filled with a mini brontosaurus, a pre-historic rhino, velicoraptors and fauna. After plunking down $40 bucks--this sleepaway camp thing is costing even more than we anticipated--he set out to build a mini dinosaur village as we grabbed lunch at one of the three restaurants in town.

By 3 pm, it was time to pick up our daughter, who had already made two friends and couldn't wait to officially pack her bags and move in. Other than the "learning how to make your bed lesson," she pretty much had a stupendous day and I'm sure will be begging me to extend her four week stay (not gonna happen). And after he saw my daughter chowing down on s'mores at pick-up, my son has already decided that he wants to go to sleepaway camp with his sister next year too. I don't even want to contemplate that one - he's the one who is supposed to stay with me until it's time for me to enter an assisted living facility. Okay - maybe just until he gets married. Either way, my kids are growing up before my eyes and while I'm enjoying watching them turn into mini adults, I wish things would slow down a bit. I guess what they say is totally true - childhood goes by in a flash - time to get my head out of my laptop so I don't miss a minute of it.

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions on 06/07/2009


  • Good article. I can reminisce the time when my kids are just as the same as your kid's age. Thanks, for sharing this article.

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