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Contribution Conundrum

​ Barack Obama pushed me over the edge today.  I received yet another email in my inbox from his campaign manager David Plouffe admitting that even though Hillary kicked his butt in Pennsylvania, she hardly made a dent in his campaign and is still trailing far behind.  He then added that Hillary added $3.5 million to her campaign funds since the polls closed last night and his peeps urged me to donate some bucks so that he could stamp her out like a bug.  And you know what I did?  I whipped out my wallet, visited HillaryClinton.com and donated $25 to Senator Clinton.  

Even though I voted for Barack Obama and got swept up in the grassroots movement of change that has pretty much put millions of Americans in a trance, I've woken up and realized that I don't like arrogance among my presidential wannabes. Hillary is fighting with everything she's got, and you know what Obama, you could have been gracious. But instead you were dismissive of Hillary's strides despite the competition, and for that, you've officially lost me. 

I just received a very nice thank you email from Hillary's camp and I'm sure I'm going to start receiving emails on a regular basis from her handlers shortly.  I truly hope her messages are upbeat and positive.  And you never know, if she keeps fighting a clean fight, maybe she'll turn the tide and influence more people who haven't had the chance to cast their vote just yet.  And maybe, all those super delegates who have pledged allegiance to Obama will think twice and sway back to the Hillary camp.  Either way, I'd like to see the candidates play fair and forget the put downs.  They are not children, they are presidential candidates - can't we all just get along?  

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions on 04/23/2008


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