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Color Me Stupid...

Passed by an expensive children's store today that appeared to be bustling with pony-tailed preppy moms on the lookout for the latest overpriced pinafore for their precious pixie. While the place was jam-packed and obviously making lots of sales, what caught my eye was the fact that the owner decided to provide a children's activity in the entranceway while the moms shopped inside. Before you set foot into the store, you could deposit your child at a round table complete with coloring books and crayons. Nice idea, but here's the problem. No one was on hand to supervise in case a three-year-old dropped her chartreuse crayola, it rolled under the table, out on the sidewalk and into the street that was filled with oncoming traffic. Who puts a kiddy table out on a sidewalk near a busy intersection with lots of cars just so that moms won't be distracted when they plunk down a huge chunk of change on their incredibly expensive offerings? I know it's hard to shop with young kids, but leaving them outside while you go inside to mingle with friends? If that's not a fashion faux pas, I don't know what is.

Posted in: Blog, Undercover Mom on 08/12/2006


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