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Bratz at Dunkin Donuts

Was in Dunkin Donuts today ordering my regular (iced hazelnut, skim milk and splenda) and noticed a mom who I swear resembled a life- sized Bratz doll. I thought only celebrities take on pixie like qualities because the camera adds 10 pounds to their frame, so when I saw this perfectly coiffed woman dressed in her gym clothes with three kids in tow and noticed that her body was literally the size of a seven year old's, my mouth literally dropped to the floor. I had to force myself not to stare because I have to admit, it's quite strange to see a woman who is a spitting image of a Bratz doll walking into Dunkin Donuts of all places. She of course didn't order anything other than a coffee, but part of me wanted to buy the poor woman a box of munchkins. I'm the first one to say that it's great to be thin but Bratz doll thin is a little kooky.

Posted in: Blog, Undercover Mom on 09/07/2006


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