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MAMA_KNOWS_BREASTcover[1].JPG AndiSilverman[1].JPGMeet Andi Silverman, mom of two and author of the new book, Mama Knows Breast.  Andi shares why she decided to leave TV news to raise a family and how she turned the art of breastfeeding into a best-selling book!

Role Mommy: What did you do before you became a mom?

Andi: Before we had kids, I was a TV reporter for the CBS affiliate in Boston. I got there after years of working my way up the ladder, from small stations in Virginia and New York. And long before all of that, I was a lawyer. But that's another story altogether!

Role Mommy:
When did you decide to reinvent your life?

Andi: I more or less decided to reinvent myself shortly before we had kids. I left reporting because I knew that I wanted to be able to spend more time at home. So I started doing independent video production, working with non-profits and businesses to create marketing videos. I still do some of this work and I love it. And of course, now, I spend most of my time promoting my new book, "Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner's Guide to Breastfeeding."

Role Mommy:
How have your children influenced your career path?

Andi: We have two boys who are 18 months apart. Right now they're 3 and 2, and it's exhausting. As I type this, the older one finally fell asleep; it's 9:30 p.m..

The boys have had a huge impact on what I'm doing now. In fact, they are the inspiration behind "Mama Knows Breast." When our first son was born, I realized that I knew more about my car seat, stroller and crib than I did about how to feed him. And I figured that if I felt that way, then a lot of other moms probably did as well. So I set out to write the sort of breastfeeding book that I wanted to read; the sort of book that I couldn't find in stores.

Role Mommy: What's your favorite "Time Out" tip for moms?

Andi: Get a massage. It's self-indulgent, but oh so relaxing, and maybe more effective than therapy!

Role Mommy: What does your book offer new moms?

Andi: "Mama Knows Breast" gives new moms practical information in a light-hearted, frank and irreverent manner. There is everything from basic advice on how to hold your baby, to lifestyle tips on where you can comfortably breastfeed in public. The book also reassures moms that whether or not to breastfeed is a highly personal decision.

Role Mommy: What do you hope for your own kids?

Andi: I hope that our sons are confident and kind, adventurous and wise. I hope they have the same opportunities that we had growing up. And I certainly hope that the world they know, and pass onto their kids, can become more "green."

Role Mommy: Who is your Role Mommy?

Andi: All of the women in my family (cousins, sister in laws, aunts) are my "Role Mommies." Whether they work out of the house, or at home, they are my inspiration. I'm especially in awe of my grandmother who retired only a few years ago at the age of 85. And of course, I'm proud of my mom, who stayed home while we were growing up and then launched a new career as a major gifts fundraiser.

To find out more about Andi, visit her at NYC Momsblog or at her website, Mama Knows Breast.

Posted in: Blog, Book Club on 04/17/2008


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