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See Mom's Routan

DSCN3079.JPGWhile promoting See Mom Run across the east coast, I had the opportunity to travel to several of our book events in a brand spankin' new Volkswagen Routan. You see, I'm a huge Volkswagen fan. In fact, I currently lease a Tiguan (love its sporty look and the sunroof that spans the entire length of the car) and constantly rave about how well it handles on the road. So imagine my thrill when the folks at Volkswagen asked me to give the Routan a whirl for one week.

While my minivan days are finally behind me, I have to say that my entire family thoroughly enjoyed stepping back in time, climbing into leather captain's seats and enjoying their very own DVD player in each row! Yes, you've got that correct - there is not just one DVD player in the car - there are two so no one has an obstructed view! Plus, they strategically place the remote inside the machine so that you'll never lose it. Brilliant!

12703_2009_Volkswagen_Routan.jpgOne of the other features I totally enjoyed about the car was the temperature controls. You see, when I drive with my husband, he is always hot and I am always cold. So imagine my surprise when I peered down at the temperature gauge and noticed that we could both adjust the temps to our personal satisfaction. Which meant that I flipped it up to 72 degrees and my DH lowered it to 68.

Another fabulous feature - if you don't splurge on satellite radio, there's a function where you can select the type of music you enjoy and the scanner will find the FM stations that match your criterion. How cool is that?

Now for the mechanical part. I bet you're wondering how the car handled on the road. Since we traversed the highways and side streets up and down the east coast, I have to say I felt completely safe inside the Routan. The car gripped the road, handled incredibly well during several torrential downpours and easily increased speed during many long roadtrips through I95, I90, I287 and many more!

As far as the space - there is plenty of room in the Routan for seven people. Plus, the trunk space is enormous and you can also lower the back row if you need additional storage. We easily transported luggage, See Mom Run books, a retractable banner and tons of 7-11 snacks that were graciously provided to us so that we didn't have to veer off the road to McDonald's during our week long journey. Another wonderful feature - the remote control trunk! Nothing quite compares to being able to lift up a trunk with the flick of a button. Oh and did I mention you could start the car while you're in your house? Which means you can warm it up so that your buns won't be cold during the dead of winter.

Thumbnail image for DSCN3082.JPGBest of all, when we invited our mom contributors (that's Liz Gumbinner and Danielle Dardashti enjoying the posh seats) and our kids to check out the Routan, they raved about it. They loved the comfortable chairs, the very large cup holders - my daughter remarked that it could hold very large Snapple bottles and the interior design. While my family still love the look of our sporty Tiguan, they did admit that they'd prefer to have all the bells and whistles of the Routan in the car we currently drive, but I guess they'll just have to deal without a DVD player and extra large cup holders - such is life.

Finally, the most discerning critic of all - my husband - helped me navigate the Routan during a rainstorm in Ridgewood and he even admitted that he felt completely safe in the van since it hugged the road despite fierce winds and pelting rain.

Would I recommend the Routan to fellow moms on the lookout for a minivan for their family? Absolutely! I have always been a Volkswagen fan since I love the way their cars handle on the road. And the Routan is one of the coolest minivans I've ever seen. We've even put together a video clip from our journey featuring my kids - so get ready for the inside scoop on our Routan road trip.

Posted in: Blog, see mom run book tour on 11/23/2009


  • @dining

    Same thing here. SUV's are perfect for big families and safer for you in traffic. They do cost much but are well worth the money.

  • I own a Tiguan I must say I'm very satisfied. I bought it 3 years ago and never had any problems. In my opinion it's one of the best cars in the class. I've been following your blog for some time but never commented :) I just wanted to say that I love it :) Moms rule!

  • Mini vans are ideal for families with more than one kid. Before we bought one I found it impossible to put the luggage inside even for an afternoon picnic.

  • Yeah, I have noticed children often rave about huge cap holders in cars and large leather seats! Are you kidding me?

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