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Best Gift of the Year...And the Winner is...

tassimo-coffee-maker.jpgI can't tell you how many times I have said to my husband - we need to get one of those coffeemakers that make one cup at a time - to which he replied, "Why do we need a coffee maker? We have a perfectly good one sitting on our kitchen counter (which we need to clean out every single day because we always manage to make 10 cups of coffee even though we only drink one cup each)."

And then it happened. We heard a knock at the door and a big box was awaiting me compliments of Dan Klores Communications. Lo and behold, they must have been reading my mind because when I ripped open the box, what did I find inside but a Bosch Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Brewers.

For those of you who are still die-hard Mr. Coffee owners, it's time to step proudly into a new decade and stop wasting java! Tassimo is Kraft Food's proprietary home brewing system that lets consumers make delicious coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino, espresso and lattes - one cup at a time!

As I literally let out a squeal, waking my husband from an after work nap, my kids had a great time jumping into the box and spreading styrofoam chips all over my floor. While we had to race out to buy some last minute holiday gifts, I informed my husband that the minute we got home, I would be transforming his world with a cup of coffee. I know - I'm insane but there's something about brewing one cup at a time in 60 seconds or less that gets me giddy.

We shopped for about an hour and when we returned home, my hubby had a splitting headache. And so I suggested he relax in the den while I prepare a Chai Tea Latte for him (that was one of the packages that came with the brewing system, along with Starbucks coffee and Gevalia cappuccino.) Within five minutes (I had a hard time figuring out the latte part but finally managed to make it work), out came a piping hot cup of chai tea latte and after my husband took one sip he proclaimed, "This is amazing!"

Incidentally, it is really easy to use - as long as you read the directions first. All you do is fill the back part of the machine with water (they even have a water filtration system so that every cup is fresh) take a T Disc, insert it in the front of the machine with the print facing downward (that's where I went wrong a few times), press down and voila, your coffee or tea starts brewing within 60 seconds. You also should wait until the light turns orange so that you know when the coast is clear to remove your cup from the dispenser. And did I mention you can even adjust the cup holder so if you're heading out in the car, you can fill an entire carafe with coffee for your morning commute. Love this machine...it thinks of everything!

So there you have it folks. This morning, I brewed myself a cup of Starbucks verona roast and I am contemplating having a second cup of Gevalia cappuccino just for kicks. Mark my words husbands or significant others...want to make your partner happy this holiday season? Then get them a Tassimo Home Brewing System. Sure my hubby was resistant at first, but after tasting one cup, I had him hook, line and latte.

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Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 12/23/2009


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