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A Story by Dylan...Leo, Max & Nigel Go to the Park

Once upon a time, Leo, Max and Nigel went to the park to play. When they were walking on the path, they found another lion named Murray. Murray had a boom box with him and he turned it on really loud and they started dancing and singing to the music. And they started rock 'n rolling. Then they all went back to Max's house and they watched TV. Murray went to to the bathroom. And then he washed his hands. Meanwhile, Max and Leo played tic tac toe. And Nigel played on the computer. Then, they all went outside to play baseball because they loved to play sports. But then it got late and Leo, Nigel and Murray went home with their daddies while Max's mommy told him he had to come back inside and get ready for bed. After he brushed his teeth, Max saw his favorite movie - The Lion King and then he got really tired because he had a really busy day so his daddy carried him up to bed, gave him a kiss and he fell fast asleep. The End.

Posted in: Blog, Kiddy Commentary on 06/06/2007


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