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A Sneak Peak at My Next Book

cmomruncover.jpgOkay...so I admit I am the worst person in the world to keep secrets. So I'm going to let the cat of the bag. I'm working on my next book and am so beyond excited about how great it's going to be. It's called C:// Mom Run and it's going to be a humor anthology featuring essays from some of the funniest mom authors, syndicated columnists and bloggers that I've had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few years.

While you may have heard of a few of them, what I can tell you is that these women are the Nora Ephron's of our time. Every single one of them will share a story from their lives that some mom in our country (and probably abroad) will be able to totally relate to and laugh their sides off. I will share the names of our contributors soon, but in the meantime, take a look at some of the comments that were flying back and forth when I shared the book cover with them.

Many thanks to my publisher Julie Trelsted at Plain White Press who is embarking on this exciting journey with me and these fabulous women. While the book will be released this November, we're actually going to be giving audiences a sneak peak this May when seven of our contributors appear at an event in New York City showcasing their incredible comedic writing talents. So strap on your seatbelts ladies, it's going to be a wild ride! Oh...and if you want to listen in to a podcast of an essay I'm contemplating using in the book, then click on the video below and let me know what you think.

Posted in: Blog, Book Club, Role Mommy Recommends on 03/22/2009


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