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A Role Mommy Yoga Event!

_MG_9247.jpgIf you've spent any time with me, you will know that there's something I can just never do - relax. So just picture the scene yesterday as I attempted to relax and stretch along with a fabulous group of writers, parenting experts and entrepreneurs who took part in an incredible yoga class with instructor to the stars, Dina Dillon. Dina has worked with celebrities like Kyra Sedgwick, Russell Simmons and Conan O'Brien to name a few and she spent over an hour with us teaching the finer points of yoga and stretching out our arms, legs, hips and of course, toes! If you look closely at the photo in the back, that's Dina attempting to get me to stretch my hips - yes, I am a complete yoga spaz and I am not ashamed to admit it.

_MG_9335-1.jpgThe event was sponsored by Profoot, which recently unveiled a fabulous new product called Flextastic that'll stretch out your toes so that your feet won't feel cramped after a long day shoving them into pointy shoes and boots (that would be me). Plus, once your feet are back in top condition, you'll be able to avoid additional back problems that commonly occur because you've tortured your tootsies. Daniel Feldman, the founder of Profoot told us all about the revolutionary foot care products his company offers and also shared how Dina actually set him up with his wife. (Obviously, karma is a good thing.) At $9.95, Flextastics make the perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays and is available nationwide at Walmart and Walgreens. Plus, if you'd like to receive coupons for all of Profoot's products, then click here now and start saving!

_MG_9330.jpgJust check out all the great ladies who took part in the class. Some of the attendees included: Amy at Selfish Mom, Jessica at NYC Momsblog, Issa from Your Single Parenting, Pam at About.com, Kim at Traveling Mom, Barbara at One2One Network, Kristen with Healthy Women, Shari and I'm Not Too Obsessed, Judy at New York Metropoarents, Jennie with Baby Name Wizard and Bev at Sane Fitness. I'm in the front doing the "Role Mommy lunge" (yes, I know I look weird) wearing my signature "I Need a Playdate" t-shirt (available for a limited time while supplies last).

One lucky Role Mommy reader will win one of the amazing gift bags we took home yesterday - it comes complete with a yoga mat, Flextastics and tons of great products for your feet. Take a look and see what you can win! Just send me a comment on your most painful day on your feet (I have many of them) and you could receive this prize, valued at over $150. DSCN2396.JPG

Posted in: Blog, Events on 12/05/2008


  • Hmmm...I've had soo many painful days on my feet. I work part-time as a NICU nurse so those 12 hour days are tough! I think the hardest would be the time we spent backpacking in Europe. We were in Austria and we had not booked a hotel or a B&B. (we often did that and just waited until we got to the city). We had received a recommendation from a local about a nice B&B to stay in. We missed the last bus that would take us to the city so we had to walk for almost 2 hours with backpacks...definitely a long day!

    jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

  • I'm so bummed that I couldn't make it. It looks like you all had a blast!

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