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If you've read my numerous confessions about dieting, exercise and my continual failure to shed the baby weight even though my son is about to enter kindergarten, well I think I've found the perfect place for those of us struggling with our weight and looking for the perfect solution to finally drop those unwanted pounds...DIET TELEVISION! A good friend of mine who's a nutritionist and a mom of three (and is always in great shape) just joined the staff and asked me to check it out. And so, this morning before the kids woke up, I gave it a whirl.
When you first enter the site, they ask you all kinds of simple questions about your eating habits and then within seconds they match you with the diets that will fit best into your lifestyle. Then, they create a mealplan for you complete with recipes! And, if you need some athletic inspiration, they give you tips on the best exercises that will help you lost weight fast, tone up that flab or give you a sexy butt - and the tips are accompanied by directions and photos!
Of course there's a video component too (hence the word Diet Television) and a Diet Television interactive community where you can add your photo and share tips on how you're managing to lose weight and even show your progress to your online friends. Plus you can input information about special events you want to lose weight for (like a wedding, reunion or big family event where your nosy aunt who always notices you've put on weight will be front and center examining the size of your cankles). The only element I'd like to have access to is the part where the chef comes to your house and cooks the meals for you on the spot, but then at that point, I'd have to wake up from my Oprah dream and snap back to the reality that is my own life.
So look no further - if you want to figure out the perfect diet plan for you, then visit Diet Television today! Best of all, access to the entire site is FREE!!!

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 07/04/2007


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