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Listen in to Our Latest Episode of 52 Weeks!

We're back again this week tackling our favorite topic -- diet and weight loss! This time, we're interviewing Ryan Frankel and his wife Erika. Together, the pair, who have already been featured on Shark Tank have launched their latest venture -- Eduplated, an online resource for those of us searching for a sensible way to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Posted on 01/27/2017 | Continue Reading

Hate Going to the Gym? Then Buy A Peloton!


I don't know about you, but I hate going to the gym. I hate feeling self conscious. I hate going to a class and feeling like the most out of shape person there. I hate seeing my reflection in the mirrors and I hate screaming kids in locker rooms and I hate walking into a spin class and thinking there's a bike available but in reality, three quarters of the bikes are broken and a lot of the participants are on their third class of the morning and they're not going anywhere.

Posted on 12/23/2016 | Continue Reading

Ellie Krieger Talks about the Importance of Gut Health #RenewLifeProbiotics

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 12.21.26 PM.png

When it comes to health, there are certain instances in your life that stop you dead in your tracks. For me and my daughter, there's only one thing that can keep us from cruising through our busy lives -- gastrointestinal pain. While I don't talk about it among friends or strangers for that matter, I typically don't have many issues when it comes to my gut. But when I do, I pretty much dread that feeling where all you do is pray the pain will stop and you vow never to eat whatever got you into that mess in the first place.

Posted on 12/15/2016 | Continue Reading

A Letter to Chelsea Clinton from One Daughter of an Amazing Working Mom to Another...

Dear Chelsea, I want to start by telling you how sorry I am that your mom was unable to realize her dream Tuesday night to become the first woman in our nation to become the president of the United States. As millions of women, I am shocked, saddened and dismayed by the outcome of the election but I thought I would take the time to tell you that as your mom's daughter, the fight will never end. It has only just begun.

Posted on 11/10/2016 | Continue Reading

Touring "The Goldbergs" Set with Adam Goldberg!


If anyone knows me, then they know that I am obsessed with any type of entertainment that takes me back to the decade where it all started for me. So imagine my thrill when I got the chance to visit the set of "The Goldbergs" this month and I got to meet Sean Giambrone - the teen who plays Adam and even got a set tour from THE Adam Goldberg.

Posted on 10/26/2016 | Continue Reading

Renee Zellweger Shines Again in Bridget Jones Baby


If anyone knows me well, then you know that I'm a sap for classic movies. Not Gone with the Wind kind of classic, but more like St. Elmo's Fire and Bridget Jones Diary classic. So imagine my thrill when I received an invitation a few weeks back to attend the star studded premiere of the latest installment of that hilarious film franchise with the release of "Bridget Jones Baby" which opens today in theaters nationwide.

Posted on 09/16/2016 | Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why My Mom Reminds Me of Hillary Clinton


I had an epiphany last night while watching Chelsea Clinton deliver a heartfelt introductory speech about her mom, Hillary Rodham Clinton. As the child of a working mother who took on various roles in her career as an eductor from the time I was five until adulthood, I started to really think about Chelsea's personal stories about her mom and how they seemed to parallel my own life. While my mom never logged close to a million miles as Secretary of State, she did accomplish some amazing things in her career. Here's a list of 10 things my amazing mom Lenore Stoller has in common with the person who might become our next female president.

Posted on 07/29/2016 | Continue Reading

10 Way to Help Your Child on Their College Search

The last year and change has been quite challenging to say the least. You see, this is the crucial year where our daughter has embarked on her college search. The process if you are new to this game is daunting to say the least but it doesn't have to be. As long as you have the tools to help your child succeed, find scholarships and prepare for standardized tests that could potentially help them earn merit money towards their dream school, as a parent, you can help be their guide as they navigate this exciting journey in their lives. While some parents hire college search advisors or even a wordsmith to edit their essay, we're keeping it old school with my daughter relying on the advice of her guidance counselor, teachers she admires and respects and once in a while, her mom for helping her decipher through the clutter to find what's best for her.

Posted on 07/17/2016 | Continue Reading

Back in Time with New Kids on the Block


I have to admit - no matter what type of music I listen to, my taste always takes me back to the same decade - the 80's. I strategically have my Sirius XM station automatically set to 80s' on 8 and 90's on 9 and as long as my kids don't wrest control of the music from my hands, I pretty much get to go back to the decades where I was a teenager with big hair, super bright make-up and an obsession with boy bands.

Posted on 06/01/2016 | Continue Reading



With Mother's Day right around the corner, Sittercity, the nation's pioneer in online childcare, surveyed moms about their real thoughts on the day. While 80% of moms spend Mother's Day with their family, the same percentage often don't feel the day is actually about them...

Posted on 04/28/2016 | Continue Reading

That Time I Got Invited to the White House


If anyone would have ever told me back in 2005 when I started Role Mommy that my mission to inspiring parents to pursue their passion while raising a family would have eventually led to me attending an event at the White House, I would have told them they were nuts. But that was then, when I was still climbing the ladder at a corporate job with two little kids in tow.

Posted on 03/17/2016 | Continue Reading

A Special Thank You to Sandra


There is nothing harder in this world than losing someone close to you - especially when they were so vibrant, beautiful, compassionate, joyful and loving. On March 2, we lost a dear member of our family who embodied all those qualities and then some. My cousin, Sandra Stoller was the ultimate conversationalist. Whenever we spent time with her on holidays, during the summer or on special occasions like a milestone birthday, we got to discover what a fun loving person Sandra was. The ultimate guest and hostess, Sandra was an incredible decorator and knew just what to bring to someone's home that would leave a lasting impression.

Posted on 03/05/2016 | Continue Reading

Having Fun with #KillerSpin During the February Freeze


Recently, my husband and a good friend of his opened a 25,000 square foot sports facility in New Rochelle, New York called A-Game Sports. The space is pretty amazing with indoor turf for soccer, lacrosse, baseball, softball, strength training and more. If you play on a team sport, there's always something for everyone. But what I happen to love about the space is that there are tons of places for parents, grandparents and kids who have been taken along for the ride to hang out, relax and play or in the words of the world's largest tabletennis brand Killerspin...it's time to #UnPlugNPlay!

Posted on 02/13/2016 | Continue Reading

Remember Hunting for Hidden Pictures in the Highlights Magazine as a Kid?

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 7.04.12 PM.png

Perhaps your family received the magazine at home each month or read it in the doctor's office. Either way, Highlights for Children has been a part of many of our childhoods. Devoted fans know that the Hidden Pictures puzzle has always been on Page 14. It's still there after 70 years! Can you believe no two puzzles have ever been repeated?

Posted on 02/12/2016 | Continue Reading

I'm Feeling Gymtimidated and I just Hate It


I recently joined a fancy new gym that's the size of two city blocks and I was really psyched when I first tried it out. The place was enormous and there's never a wait for any of the cardio equipment and at first, I really liked it.

Posted on 01/07/2016 | Continue Reading

Acer Cloudbook Review: Affordable Computers for Your Middle Schooler


When it comes to computer usage in our home, I have to admit, we are all hopelessly addicted. My husband and I rely on our computers for both of our businesses (yes, two entrepreneurs living under one roof can be stressful to say the least). My daughter, who is a junior in high school is always using her computer for homework, research, group chats, Netflix streaming and much more. And then there's my son. As an eighth grader, we've made it clear that we won't be investing in an expensive computer for him until he heads to high school but he does still need one to complete homework assignments and projects.

Posted on 12/19/2015 | Continue Reading

Amazing Holiday Giveaway Alert...Introducing Canvas Pop!


If you are like me and have thousands of photos of your family on your phone, your hard drive, CD's and SIM cards but have never actually taken the time to create albums or even framed photos for you or your loved ones, I am here to say, stop digitally hoarding those photos and take five minutes out of your day today to order a holiday gift for yourself or your parents that will literally blow them away.

Posted on 12/13/2015 | Continue Reading

Join @ClassyMommy @ExtraordinaryMommy & Me this Monday, November 16 for a Holiday Shopping Twitter Party with iConsumer


With holiday shopping season upon us, I'm sure most of us are getting poised and ready to hit the malls, stand on long lines and buy things for friends, family and loved ones that they probably don't need. But what if I told you that you don't even have to leave your home, you can go online, visit 1600 retailers with over 45000 brands and you get cash back and earn shares in the company every time you shop?

Posted on 11/12/2015 | Continue Reading

5 Tech Time Savers This Holiday Season


The holidays are right around the corner and that only means one thing...the most hectic time of year is upon us. Unfortunately, while the season is filled with cheer, it also comes complete with long lines at department stores, cranky kids and scrambling to pool your resources among friends and family so you can find the perfect gift. With the help of modern technology, ​the​ gift giving season promises to be stress free with these incredible new options

Posted on 11/06/2015 | Continue Reading

Get a Sneak Peak of Oprah's Favorite Things 2015!


My father in law has an awesome saying that I like to use whenever I get to experience things that are out of this world. "You can't put a price on a good time." Well, yesterday morning was one of those moments. When I received the invite to the first ever Oprah's Favorite Things blogger breakfast, I was giddy with excitement.

Posted on 11/05/2015 | Continue Reading

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 (no matter where work is!)

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02/16/2008: Success, Leather Couches & Procrastination

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02/13/2008: Am I Right, Am I Wrong?

02/13/2008: Free Printable Valentines

02/13/2008: Check Out Mommy Madness on MyLifetime.com!

02/12/2008: The Raffle Ticket

02/12/2008: The Raffle Ticket

02/12/2008: Interesting Facebook Tidbit...

02/12/2008: Diet Coke & Splenda Can Make You Fat!

02/12/2008: No More Writers Strike! Now Where's my McDreamy?

02/10/2008: Yes We Can...Check Out this Inspiring Video

02/10/2008: Great Storytelling Site for Kids...The Story Home

02/10/2008: Hannah Montana Movie Review

02/09/2008: Award-winning Storyteller Launches New Website

02/08/2008: Lipstick Jungle...Sex in the City for Moms?

02/05/2008: Sign Up for New Contest to Nominate America's Favorite Mom!

02/04/2008: My Candidate is Better Than Yours

02/03/2008: What's in a Name?

02/03/2008: The Face Plant

01/27/2008: The Dental Assistant

01/27/2008: Award-winning Author Hosts Online Workshop for Aspiring Mom Writers

01/26/2008: If it Looks Like a Duck

01/24/2008: The Presidential Debate

01/24/2008: Three Lovelies Recommends...Great Fashion Discounts

01/19/2008: Searching for Becca Fisher

01/18/2008: The Overachiever

01/12/2008: Lost and Found

01/09/2008: The Uninvited Guest

01/09/2008: More Great Book Recommendations From our Readers


01/06/2008: Peeing in Peace - a top Pick by Trend Expert Amy Tara Koch!

12/31/2007: Matched in Manhattan - Brand New Lifetime TV Show That'll Have You Hooked!

12/31/2007: Diner Tales

12/27/2007: Was it Something I Said?

12/21/2007: Check This Out!!! Amazing New Site to Create Your Own Radio Station!

12/21/2007: Moving to a New Neighborhood? Check out Street Advisor.com!

12/18/2007: A Partridge in a Pear Tree

12/17/2007: THE ICE PICKER

12/17/2007: The Flip Video Camera & One True Media

12/16/2007: Role Mommy's Favorite Books of the Year!

12/16/2007: The Easiest Muffins Under the Sun

12/13/2007: Old Feet and Other Commuter Pet Peeves

12/09/2007: The Sanitation Mom

12/07/2007: Visit a Brand New Site for New & Expectant Parents...The Cradle!

12/05/2007: Nintendo Gives Their Best Picks of the Holiday Season

12/04/2007: Upload a Photo and Give to Kids Who Need it Most!

12/04/2007: The Shoes that Broke the Camel's Back

12/02/2007: Shout out to my new favorite TV Show...Brothers & Sisters

12/02/2007: Young Collector's Art

12/02/2007: Custom Made For Kids

11/30/2007: Holiday Radio Rant


11/25/2007: The Mac Book Pro

11/21/2007: The Eyes Have It

11/19/2007: Old Yeller

11/15/2007: The Double Whammy

11/11/2007: Wii for Me!


11/02/2007: Who are the Real Freaks on Halloween by Joanne Rendell


10/28/2007: Overheard in the Bathroom...

10/28/2007: Carpool Confidential by Jessica Benson



10/24/2007: Find Out the Calories in Your Kids' Fast Food Meals with Calorie King

10/07/2007: The Book Signing Blues


09/27/2007: The Gal to Gal Virtual Walk For Stage for Breast Cancer Patients & Families

09/26/2007: Law & Order F.V.U. (Fish Victims Unit)

09/26/2007: Photo of the Month....Mom, I Think I Forgot Something

09/24/2007: If Men Did the Strolling

09/22/2007: Little Miss Tuffett

09/20/2007: D-Day

09/18/2007: HOME TRUTHS - A New Blog by Judy Epstein

09/18/2007: Mmmmmm Yummy - Whoopie Pie Recipe from Everyday with Rachel Ray!

09/16/2007: The Other Mother by Gwendolen Gross


09/11/2007: My Night with a Cheetah Girl

09/06/2007: Birthday Madness

09/02/2007: The Case of the Missing School Supplies List



08/28/2007: Water For Elephants, Hillary Clinton and More Summer Books....


08/12/2007: Kindergarten Countdown & The Tessy & Tab Reading Series

08/10/2007: Tennis Revisited

08/07/2007: Flash Card Genius...Perhaps Not.

07/28/2007: Where's the Little F**ker Gone?

07/28/2007: Great Interactive Site for Girls - Bella Sera

07/28/2007: Two Blue Peas

07/24/2007: I Bribe, Therefore I Am

07/15/2007: Next Book Event....Thursday, July 26 at Let's Dish!

07/14/2007: Batteries Not Included

07/12/2007: Potty Humor

07/12/2007: Soap Gets in Your Eyes by Joanne Rendell

07/05/2007: An Interview with Best-Selling Author Jane Green


07/02/2007: Fanny Packs & Sticky Buns

07/01/2007: Second Chance by Jane Green

07/01/2007: Say Cheese

06/22/2007: Sideshow Beth

06/17/2007: Eed Gads, My Cankles Are Huge

06/15/2007: Reading with Robin's Summer Book List!

06/15/2007: Role Mommy Hits Sweden! We've Made the Brio Website!

06/14/2007: Our Next Book Readings & Signings...JUNE 19 AND JUNE 21 IN NYC!!!

06/14/2007: A Conversation with My Eight Year Old

06/14/2007: Gezunga Cars

06/12/2007: DRILLING

06/12/2007: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

06/06/2007: Cat Tales

06/06/2007: A Story by Dylan...Leo, Max & Nigel Go to the Park


05/31/2007: The Knitter

05/31/2007: Blackberry Meltdown

05/31/2007: Esalen Tales by Joanne Rendell

05/23/2007: Great Site that Tracks Where Your Internet Buddies Are

05/19/2007: Overcommitted

05/19/2007: The Playroom

05/19/2007: We're in the May Issue of Working Mother Magazine!

05/19/2007: SEE JANE LEAD by Lois Frankel

05/14/2007: Best Kid in the World...Maybe?

05/12/2007: Bathroom Break...Also Seen in Time Out New York Kids

05/12/2007: Workit Mom

05/09/2007: A Letter to the Mothers of Invention...by Diana Meehan, Author of Learning Like a Girl

05/06/2007: Birthday Blunder

05/05/2007: Caption It!

04/30/2007: Diet Time

04/30/2007: The Boss

04/30/2007: Organize Your Life with the MomAgenda!

04/22/2007: Fairy Princess Designs

04/21/2007: George Washington's Teeth

04/21/2007: Gucci Diaper Bags, Wine and the Green Eyed Monster

04/17/2007: Pet Names by Joanne Rendell

04/10/2007: Destination Disney...what to do...what to avoid!!!

04/10/2007: Us and Them, Them and Us by Joanne Rendell

04/09/2007: Sometimes Dreams Can Be Nightmares...

03/27/2007: An Addendum...Even Meredith Viera Can't Skate

03/26/2007: Ola, Adios, Chakka Lakka Ketchup

03/25/2007: In an Instant by Lee & Bob Woodruff

03/25/2007: The Theme to the Brady Bunch...Re-written by Dylan

03/25/2007: Blowout at the Bagel Store

03/25/2007: The Birthday Diaries

03/21/2007: Hilarious Snapsuits, Kids Clothes & Accessories at Wry Baby

03/17/2007: Patrick's Day

03/16/2007: I Love Fruit Snacks

03/16/2007: Sue Fabisch is Walmart Woman!

03/16/2007: A Recent Review...From a Real Mom!

03/14/2007: Visit Baby Dagny For the Inside Track on Great Items for Little Ones!

03/12/2007: I Don't Want to Have To by Joanne Rendell

03/11/2007: Tissues, Toilet Paper and Sales Receipts

03/09/2007: Former NBA PR Maven Becomes Custom Children's Book Publisher

03/09/2007: Dragonflies & Ladybugs

03/07/2007: Greeting Flix

03/04/2007: Put it on Your Website

03/03/2007: The Travel Nightmare

03/03/2007: A Book Deal, J.K. Rowling and Me by Joanne Rendell

03/03/2007: SHOPAHOLIC & BABY by Sophie Kinsella

02/25/2007: When Did I Become Old?

02/24/2007: Amy Keroes, Founder of Mommy Track'd

02/23/2007: Customer Disservice

02/23/2007: *Great Confession from our Role Mommy Giveaway Winner!

02/23/2007: Holiday Blues by Joanne Rendell

02/20/2007: Quick Kid Riddle

02/19/2007: The Family Circus


02/16/2007: The Guilt Trip

02/16/2007: The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood


02/16/2007: Must Have Item For Moms & Babies...The Bottle Tamer


02/11/2007: Great Writing Opportunity for Single Moms!

02/08/2007: My Kingdom for a Pen

02/08/2007: Privacy is Underrated

02/05/2007: Say Goodnight Gracie

01/31/2007: Congratulations Jen...Winner of The Pepper Kids Giveaway!

01/31/2007: *Melinda's Confession...Winner of Our Giveaway for The Pepper Kids!

01/31/2007: Divide and Conquer...The Rebuttal

01/31/2007: WE'RE IN OK! MAGAZINE!

01/29/2007: From Wham to the Wiggles...

01/29/2007: The Pepper Kids...Great Online Shopping Site for Friends & Family!

01/28/2007: PARTY ANIMALS

01/27/2007: What's in a Name

01/27/2007: Divide and Conquer

01/20/2007: Our First Book Signing at Barnes & Noble!

01/19/2007: Folk Dance Frenzy

01/19/2007: The Safety of the Suburbs?

01/14/2007: The Waiting Game

01/14/2007: The Meeting and Other Quips from a Four Year Old

01/13/2007: LAURIE COLLYER

01/11/2007: Two Jokes for Kids...

01/11/2007: Confessions by Marion...Birthday Madness


01/07/2007: Confessions from Design-her Gal

01/02/2007: SNIP, SNIP, OOPS

12/27/2006: The Gold Mine

12/27/2006: Overheard...

12/27/2006: I Feel Bad About My Neck...by Nora Ephron

12/18/2006: Stroller Fascists by Joanne Rendell

12/17/2006: Things that Annoy Me During the Holidays

12/17/2006: Observations on the Train

12/15/2006: Office Depot Gift-Giving Expert Hillary Mendelsohn Gives Great Shopping Tips for the Holidays

12/11/2006: "Reading with Robin" Radio Host Picks Top 10 Books of the Year

12/10/2006: Stroller Fetish


12/10/2006: The Fish

12/10/2006: Kim's Picks...Tiny Prints

12/10/2006: The Credit Card

12/09/2006: Thermal Tees for the Holidays!

12/09/2006: Short but Cute

12/04/2006: Mommy Track'd

12/03/2006: The Princess and the Band Aid

11/26/2006: Benny the Cosmopolitan Genius

11/25/2006: NOBODY HOME...

11/25/2006: Tennis Anyone?

11/19/2006: Mommy, Take a Look at This...

11/19/2006: BUY OUR NEW BOOK...Peeing in Peace!!!



11/11/2006: Move Over, Thomas the Tank Engine. Come on Down, Little Engine that Could

11/11/2006: Why Bother

11/11/2006: The Scary Movie


11/03/2006: The Grapes of Wrath

11/03/2006: Halloween House Hunt

10/31/2006: The Oblivious Factor

10/31/2006: A Rude Awakening by Joanne Rendell




10/24/2006: CAN I GO BACK INSIDE?

10/22/2006: KERI GLASSMAN


10/17/2006: YouTube, Herbal Tea, and a Whole Lot of Procrastination

10/16/2006: THE FACTORY





10/06/2006: BE KIND...REWIND!

10/04/2006: THE LINE

10/04/2006: Bitchfest...Review by Joanne Rendell

10/02/2006: The Dishwasher



09/29/2006: PICKING A WINNER

09/29/2006: LOST IN SUBURBIA? by Tracy Beckerman

09/26/2006: Great Skin Care Line for Moms & Children!



09/21/2006: The Mix Tape

09/21/2006: Kiddy Brawl at Kid Friendly Bistro

09/20/2006: BAD KIDDY JOKES!



09/15/2006: Taunted by a Tamogotchi

09/15/2006: A Laptop Naptime Mama by Joanne Rendell


09/14/2006: LISA STONE, Co-Founder, BlogHer

09/12/2006: The Witches of Preschool


09/10/2006: How Am I Driving?

09/10/2006: I'm Changing My Name

09/08/2006: LOST IN SUBURBIA? by Tracy Beckerman

09/07/2006: Bratz at Dunkin Donuts

09/04/2006: EWWWWW!!!!



09/02/2006: A Cheesy Experience

08/28/2006: The Family Bed

08/27/2006: OUT TO PASTURE





08/12/2006: Color Me Stupid...

08/12/2006: I WANT A PRIZE!


08/09/2006: LOST IN SUBURBIA? by Tracy Beckerman...In the Pink©

08/08/2006: The Holey War

08/06/2006: Drowsy at the Drugstore

08/06/2006: THE APOLOGY

08/06/2006: Mr. Bed Hog

08/04/2006: Pet Peeve

07/30/2006: Tar-jay Oy Vey


07/26/2006: LOST IN SUBURBIA? by Tracy Beckerman..The Fungus Among Us©.

07/24/2006: Great Tees for Kids






07/22/2006: The Escort Service


07/20/2006: The Guilt Trip

07/20/2006: THE DOCTOR VISIT






07/13/2006: LOST IN SUBURBIA? by Tracy Beckerman...Greetings From Disney World©


07/12/2006: THE ZAGAT GUIDE

07/12/2006: OUCH!



07/12/2006: MY LITTLE PARROT





07/12/2006: THE SUPERMODEL

07/12/2006: THE MET DOODLE

07/12/2006: Mommy Can't Handle It!

07/09/2006: Picnic on My Jetta

07/05/2006: L.A. Weight Gain

07/05/2006: Equi-Not

07/04/2006: The Necklace


07/02/2006: SHOELESS JANE

07/02/2006: SAFETY LAST

07/01/2006: No Kicking Please

06/25/2006: No Kicking Please!

06/14/2006: Back to the 80's

06/09/2006: The Diet

06/06/2006: The Minnie Van

06/01/2006: rolemommyconfessions

05/26/2006: rolemommyconfessions

04/06/2006: rolemommyconfessions

01/14/2006: It's Been a While

11/08/2005: Confession #7 - Pediatrician Paranoia

11/07/2005: Confession #6 - Get Me Outta the Girl Scouts!

11/07/2005: Confession #5 - Bedtime Bribery

11/07/2005: Confession #4 - Souvenier Insanity

11/07/2005: Confession #3 - The Boo Boo Bunny Mystery

11/07/2005: Confession #2 - Did Desmond Tutu Ever Wear a Tutu?

11/07/2005: Confession #1 - Painful Playdates

11/06/2005: Who needs to go to confession when you've got a blog!

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