It’s a few days after the New Year and I have to say, I am so happy to be leaving 2013 behind. While I typically don’t write about gloom and doom, my family and I have had quite a roller coaster year. A few months ago, my aunt passed away and then when I returned home from her funeral, my husband lost his job a few weeks later. To make matters worse, my brother had a heart attack last month. Thankfully, he’s okay and is lucky enough to have a new lease on life.
Further complicating our already busy lives was the addition of a puppy to our home. Her name is Santana, she is super cute and she likes to bite. We don’t know exactly what she is — she could be a lab, a rottweiler, a beagle, a terrier, a pit bull. Whatever she is, she is beyond adorable and I am really happy we found her – even though she keeps me up in the middle of the night.
And so, we begin 2014 with a sigh of relief. My husband is focusing on launching a baseball themed business with a good friend of ours. My brother has already lost 15 pounds and is working hard to shed more, and I’m busy building my business and making sure everyone in our house is happy and healthy. And my mom, who has been super stressed out over all the health and career issues we’ve faced can now rest easy and focus on her own physical and mental well being.
As for me, aside from being consumed with work at the moment, I am determined to get back on the diet wagon again (story of my life). I’ll be hitting Jazzercise as soon as I return from an important business trip and I hope that life this year is filled with happy surprises.
So what do I wish for in 2014? I guess health and happiness will cut it for me. I’ll save the loftier goals for 2015.
Here’s to an uneventful 2014!