berem5.gifI don’t know about you, but the minute I got pregnant, I shared my pregnancy test with my husband and then saved it for several years as a memento. From there, I saved the sonogram photos and would show the grainy black and white peanut image to parents, friends and fellow commuters.
Fast forward to today and you’ll see moms and dads sharing the big news sooner than ever before. Call me crazy, but there used to be a time when you’d wait three months before announcing to the world that you had a little bundle of joy on the way. But with Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, everyone and their uncle is now tweeting the lines!
So how can you share the joy and celebrate your pregnancy? Try one of these ideas on for size:
Gender Reveal Cakes – Ask your ultrasound technician not to tell you the results. Instead, have them seal the gender results in an envelope. Then, take the envelope to a bakery, which can tint cake batter pink or blue, then cover it with icing. At a special party, cut into the cake to reveal the baby’s gender.
Dadchelor Parties – Moms-to-be aren’t the only ones getting celebrated. Dadchelor parties, also known as man-showers, diaper parties and daddymoons, are fun ways for expectant fathers to celebrate their last, child-free months, as well as the upcoming baby. Make sure the date of the party is at least one month before the baby’s due date. Start planning at
Pregnancy Portraits – Professional photographers are receiving more visits from moms-to-be as they pose for portraits and immortalize their pregnancy as a treasured keepsake. Many maternity photos are taken at the beginning of the third trimester. Review the photographer’s portfolio to ensure their style is a good fit with yours. Discuss the types of photos you want, what to expect at the shoot and options for albums, prints and other photo-related merchandise.
Babymoons – These vacations are when parents-to-be take a trip before the arrival of their baby. It can be an exotic excursion or a quiet weekend getaway close to home. Whatever you chose, make sure you minimize your travel time and maintain access to medical facilities.
Themed Baby Showers – Celebrities are taking this event to an extreme, as seen with Jessica Simpson’s over-the-top Charlotte’s Web-themed extravaganza. For unique shower ideas, visit the Hostess with the Mostess ( You’ll find suggestions for boy and girl parties, as well as gender-neutral, themes for twins and multiples, and styles that range from fancy to casual.
Finding out that you’re pregnant is a very exciting, emotional time. If you want to start planning for your baby’s arrival as soon as possible, the Early Result Pregnancy Test by First Response is the only test that tells you six days before your missed period. And that allows you to start planning for your pregnancy sooner – including how you’ll tell your loved ones that a bundle of joy is on its way.
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