This time of year means many things- flowers blooming, we can finally be outdoors without a heavy jacket, spring cleaning, but for me it means… I’m surrounded by seasonal allergies! I have been very fortunate to never know the feeling of itchy eyes, stuffy nose, sneezing, etc. due to allergies. I can not say the same for my husband and two children. My husband has always suffered terribly from allergies and even had weekly shots when he was younger. Of all the things my kids could have inherited from him, they had to inherit this?
I do feel terrible for them and I wish I could do more to help! We took the kids, ages 7 and 4, to an allergist last year who set them up on a medicine schedule. There was children’s Zyrtec, Nasonex and Singulair on the list. It seemed like a lot for such little people. Then I heard about some crazy side effects with Singulair so I never used that and then the children’s Zyrtec was re-called so I switched to the CVS brand. It’s all so complicated! I have humidifiers going in all the rooms and air purifiers in the kid’s rooms. I try not to keep the windows open too much (such a shame on a nice breezy day) and make the kids wash their hands as soon as they finish playing outside. But no matter what I seem to be saying “god bless you” at least 200 times a day.
My husband has been taking a natural remedy called Stinging Nettles, which has been helping him a bit, especially when the pollen count is not super high, along with a prescription nose spray and he even uses a neti pot. Maybe someone has a secret to help with kids allergies as well? Something more natural so I’m not giving them medicine from Spring through the Fall? It’s been studied and proven that people who suffer from severe seasonal allergies don’t sleep as well (because of the congestion) and therefore can not function as well at work and for kids – at school. If any of you have some great ideas on how I can help my poor family during this horrible allergy, gorgeous weather time, I would really appreciate it! Leave a comment below!