oscarnight.jpgIf you haven’t had time to catch all the films that are nominated for an Oscar this year, have no fear. Check out my latest post over at Lifetime Moms where I share all the top nominees and offer my predictions that any mom will relate to. Incidentally, I do have something to add to my list. When I first wrote the Lifetime Moms post, I hadn’t seen “The King’s Speech.” Well, last night, I got the chance to see it and have to say that Colin Firth definitely does deserve an Academy Award.
One other thing I must add – never see a film with British characters after 10 pm. The reason? If you’ve been up since 6, the sound of their voices can put you into a deep coma. I did snap out of it in time to catch the important parts, but will have to re-watch the film again once it comes out on DVD. But enough about my sleep habits, time to cram for the Academy Awards!