ristorantelayered.gifAs Valentine’s Day approaches, we’ll be chatting up a storm tomorrow on The Motherhood, as join several awesome blogging co-hosts as we share stories and tips about spending quality time with loved ones. The chat will also feature Ulrike (Ulli Kammler), from Dr. Oetker – the market leader of frozen pizza in Europe and Italy’s #1 frozen pizza that’s finally available in the U.S. As a pizza aficcionado, I can’t wait to try a slice! Here’s the details, hope you can join us!
Date: February 9th
Time: 1:00 pm EST
Talking with us from Dr. Oetker: Ulrike (Ulli) Kammler
About Dr. Oetker: Dr. Oetker (urt-ker) is a fifth-generation family-run business headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany. Begun in 1891, it has grown into an international food business leader and a market leader in many of its product lines. In 1985, Dr. Oetker launched Ristorante frozen pizza in Germany with only two varieties. Today, Dr. Oetker is the market leader of frozen pizza in Europe and sells Ristorante in more than 30 countries – and Italy’s #1 frozen pizza is now available in your area, giving you Italian restaurant style pizza taste without paying restaurant style prices!
To learn more about Dr. Oetker, visit www.oetker.us.