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Role Mommy on the Run

When it's Time to Admit You're Doing Too Much

gourmesso.jpg I've been finding myself working nearly all hours of the day and night. I sleep with my phone next to my bed, so the minute I wake up in the morning, I check my text messages and emails to make sure I haven't missed any work while I was asleep. You see, we recently took on a new client that's in a time zone that's nine hours ahead of us - which means they're working while we're sleeping which means my perception of a nine to five work schedule has officially gone out the window.... Read more

Posted in: Blog on 04/09/2017

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Hate Going to the Gym? Then Buy A Peloton!

bike-angled-1162.jpg I don't know about you, but I hate going to the gym. I hate feeling self conscious. I hate going to a class and feeling like the most out of shape person there. I hate seeing my reflection in the mirrors and I hate screaming kids in locker rooms and I hate walking into a spin class and thinking there's a bike available but in reality, three quarters of the bikes are broken and a lot of the participants are on their third class of the morning and they're not going anywhere.... Read more

Posted in: *Product Reviews & Deals, Blog on 12/23/2016

A Letter to Chelsea Clinton from One Daughter of an Amazing Working Mom to Another...

Dear Chelsea, I want to start by telling you how sorry I am that your mom was unable to realize her dream Tuesday night to become the first woman in our nation to become the president of the United States. As millions of women, I am shocked, saddened and dismayed by the outcome of the election but I thought I would take the time to tell you that as your mom's daughter, the fight will never end. It has only just begun. ... Read more

Posted in: *Inspiring Moms, Blog on 11/10/2016

Back in Time with New Kids on the Block

IMG_5676.JPG I have to admit - no matter what type of music I listen to, my taste always takes me back to the same decade - the 80's. I strategically have my Sirius XM station automatically set to 80s' on 8 and 90's on 9 and as long as my kids don't wrest control of the music from my hands, I pretty much get to go back to the decades where I was a teenager with big hair, super bright make-up and an obsession with boy bands.... Read more

Posted in: *Entertainment, Blog on 06/01/2016


tumblr_nwp1i9WUIH1u1xbygo1_500.gif With Mother's Day right around the corner, Sittercity, the nation's pioneer in online childcare, surveyed moms about their real thoughts on the day. While 80% of moms spend Mother's Day with their family, the same percentage often don't feel the day is actually about them...... Read more

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions on 04/28/2016

That Time I Got Invited to the White House

meathewhitehouse.jpg If anyone would have ever told me back in 2005 when I started Role Mommy that my mission to inspiring parents to pursue their passion while raising a family would have eventually led to me attending an event at the White House, I would have told them they were nuts. But that was then, when I was still climbing the ladder at a corporate job with two little kids in tow.... Read more

Posted in: Blog, TV on 03/17/2016

Plus: A Special Thank You to Sandra, Having Fun with #KillerSpin During the February Freeze, Remember Hunting for Hidden Pictures in the Highlights Magazine as a Kid?, Acer Cloudbook Review: Affordable Computers for Your Middle Schooler, and even more in the archives!

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